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We Didn’t Just Pull It Off

Companies of various industries work with us to conceive, plan, and execute meetings and events of all capacities and magnitudes. No matter the nature of the company or organization, Paragon Events works with all shapes and sizes to enhance their level of success.

Below are several case studies that illustrate exactly how Paragon Events has been able to not only pull off an event, but provide exceptional customer service as the premier event planner.

Do you need support planning a Customer Service Awards series? Paragon Events delivered a Corporate Road Show Challenge for hospitals in 13 cities around the world delivering a first-class event that conveyed the client’s message and enhanced the overall brand.

Are you launching a global product and need the support to showcase it to the world?  Paragon Events supported a Healthcare Company product launch by getting top executives involved in this new corporate initiative. See just how we did it.

Do you want to share your company’s mission and vision & host an appreciation event? Paragon Events collaborated with a top healthcare company to show appreciation for healthcare professionals, physicians and medical community members.

Are you looking to host an Awards Function at a unique location to show your customer appreciation? Paragon Events secured a private experience for guests at one of the most popular attractions in South Florida. Check out the ultimate venue we secured.

Looking to plan your next summit? Paragon Events organized a ‘Governor’s Summit on Healthcare for the Uninsured’ to highlight issues and support the importance of programs while implementing solutions for ongoing problems. Learn more about exactly what we did to make this summit was one for the books.

Does your event need someone to oversee the entire program design, development, implementation and executing of a symposium. Paragon Events stepped in to provide a Continuing Medical Education (CME) program for a 2 ½ day health care provider educational Symposium. Learn more about the services we provided.

Planning a recruiting event to hire top talent or draft the next sports hall of famers? Paragon Events was hired to create and plan a college recruiting baseball tour to provide an opportunity for young athletes to be considered for College Baseball Scholarships. Read more about what we did.