Association Management


Paragon Events provides full-service association management and event solutions to successfully administer the operations of an organization while extending strategic guidance and support. Our in-house team of professionals works in tandem with the board of directors to provide unsurpassed value and achieve the specific goals of the association’s members, volunteer leaders, and stakeholders.

For years, Paragon Events has been entrusted by regional, national, and global associations to motivate members, increase engagement, manage financials, develop sponsorship strategies, create marketing assets, and more. Our focus remains on the business objectives, including the governance, policies, and procedures of an organization, so that the leadership may concentrate on furthering the association’s goals and delivering a positive impact to their members, businesses, and profession.

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Discover how Paragon Events yields access to a robust headquarters, specialized staff, and the optimized resources necessary to fulfill an organization’s mission and vision.

Our Services

Principles & Practices

Paragon Events maintains a library of tools, templates, and technologies to empower our clients to operate effectively and thrive in today’s ever-evolving environment.

  • Accounting Standards
  • Crisis & Issue Planning
  • Comprehensive Event Management
  • Communication Tactics & Techniques
  • Legislative Guidance
  • Member Engagement & Analysis
  • Registration Forms & Software
  • Strategic Plan Framework
  • Transition Documents

Our Clients

MPI Orlando
MPI Philadephia
MPI New England
MPI South Florida
MPI Tampa Bay
MPI Virginia
MPI Westfield

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